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College Life

Experience an amazing college journey at Belarani Institute of Paramedical & Allied Sciences! Join a vibrant community of learners, explore advanced labs, modern classrooms, and a rich library. 


Discover an awesome academic experience at Belarani Institute of Paramedical & Allied Sciences! Our teachers are super passionate, and we’ve got cool facilities for learning.


 Our commitment to affordability ensures that quality education is accessible to all. Join us for an exceptional academic journey where excellence meets affordability.


Explore exciting career paths in healthcare at Belarani Institute of Paramedical & Allied Sciences! We offer different courses like BMLT, B.Sc. CCT, and B.Sc. OTT, designed to help you succeed.

Best Paramedical College in Bankura, WestBengal

Welcome to Belarani Institute of Paramedical & Allied Sciences, part of the awesome Belarani Education Trust. We’re in Vivekanandanagar, Onda, in the district of Bankura, West Bengal. Guess what? We’re hooked up with the West Bengal University of Health Sciences (WBUHS) and offer cool courses like BMLT, B.Sc. CCT, and B.Sc. OTT.

Our courses are super cool because we’ve got experts helping us design them. Our main goal is to make sure our paramedical students become absolute rockstars in health science. We’re all about boosting their skills to make healthcare services even better.


The amenities at Belarani Institute of Paramedical & Allied Sciences are designed to enhance your learning experience. From well-equipped laboratories to modern classrooms, our facilities provide a conducive environment for academic growth. With a resourceful library and strong connections to reputable healthcare institutions, you’ll have access to a wealth of knowledge. Join us at Belarani for an educational journey supported by excellent infrastructure, fostering a holistic approach to your paramedical studies.


Our labs are like playgrounds where you can try out experiments and learn hands-on. With awesome equipment and exciting activities, learning is an adventure here. Join us at Belarani for a journey where labs aren’t just rooms.


Dive into a world of knowledge at Belarani Institute of Paramedical & Allied Sciences! Our library is more than just books; it’s a treasure trove of information. With a collection curated for curious minds and dedicated study spaces, the library is your gateway to academic success.


Get ready to surf the web smoothly at Belarani Institute of Paramedical & Allied Sciences – our WiFi is super-fast! Whether you’re doing research or teaming up on projects, we’ve got your back. Belarani: where connection meets education.

Ragging Free Campus

Feel right at home at Belarani Institute of Paramedical & Allied Sciences – we’re all about a campus free from ragging! Imagine a place where everyone’s friendly, and you can learn and grow without any worries.

Top Paramedical & Allied Sciences College in Bankura, WestBengal

Belarani Institute of Paramedical & Allied Sciences in Bankura – your go-to place for awesome education! We’re not your average institute; we’ve got top-notch teachers, cool facilities, and a friendly place to learn. Come join us for a journey of learning and skill-building that sets you up for a super cool career in healthcare. Belarani is where education gets exciting!


Learn About the The Right
Course for you

Paramedical & Allied-Bachelor in-Medical Laboratory Technology (BMLT)

Paramedical & Allied-B.Sc-Critical Care Technology (C.C.T.)

Paramedical & Allied-B.Sc-Operation Theatre Technology (O.T.T.)

Students Benefits

Discover awesome perks as a student at Belarani Institute of Paramedical & Allied Sciences! We’re talking hands-on learning, top-notch facilities, and a friendly community that’s got your back. See how studying here sets you up for success in the healthcare world. Your journey to a bright future starts with Belarani!

Boys Hostel Facility

Comfortable accommodation tailored for male students, ensuring a secure and conducive living environment.

Girls Hostel Facility

Dedicated hostel facilities designed for female students, prioritizing safety and comfort.

Medical Unit

Access to a medical unit on campus, offering free health check-ups for students' well-being.

Bus Services for Students

Convenient transportation services to facilitate commuting for students.

Hygenic Canteen

Well Maintained and Hygenic canteen facilities for a comfortable dining experience


Various scholarship and student credit card opportunities to support and recognize academic excellence and achievements.

Important notice

Career Prospectus

 Here are some potential career options for individuals with degrees in BMLT (Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Technology), B.Sc. CCT (Bachelor of Science in Cardiac Care Technology), and B.Sc. OTT (Bachelor of Science in Operation Theatre Technology)

Medical Laboratory Technologist

Clinical Lab Scientist

Pathologist Assistant

Cardiac Technologist

What People Say

Find out why everyone loves Belarani Institute of Paramedical & Allied Sciences! People are talking about our awesome education, friendly vibe, and super cool facilities. Be part of the happy student crew and check out what they’re saying.

This college is one of the best college for paramedical in bankura as well as in west bengal. The faculties are very friendly and they treat & teach us pretty well. This college also provides clinical training in BSMCH. Also there is almost every practical instrument in our college. I'm Happy 😁
I really feel good it's a best Paramedical College in the area. The college has good classrooms, very good laboratories with many workful instruments, very good quality food in the canteen and mess and a good hostel. While curriculum and teachers everything is remarkable, Because the teachers are highly qualified and professional, experienced as well as friendly in nature.
Good Atmosphere, High Experience Faculty & well setup Laboratory.
Good Atmosphere, wel setup lab and experience faculty
The college provides all necessary infrastructure , facilities and equipment. We have smart mentor , workshops, lab and many high level equipments required for our study.

Frequently asked questions

 Explore FAQs for easy insights into courses, campus life, and career paths. Get the lowdown on everything you need to know and make informed decisions about your healthcare education journey. Let's dive in together!

Belarani offers exciting courses like BMLT, B.Sc. CCT, and B.Sc. OTT, paving the way for careers in medical laboratory technology, cardiac care, and operation theatre technology.

Absolutely! Our hands-on approach ensures practical exposure, from advanced labs to real-world healthcare settings.

It's vibrant and welcoming! Enjoy a friendly community, modern facilities, and a ragging-free atmosphere focused on your growth.

Belarani is committed to providing a safe environment. Our ragging-free campus and security measures prioritize your child's well-being.

Graduates can explore diverse careers in medical technology, cardiac care, and operation theatre technology, ensuring a promising future in healthcare.

Belarani stands out with experienced faculty, top-notch facilities, and a practical learning approach, preparing students for the dynamic healthcare industry.

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